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  • Our website provides adequate information about hospital standards, Doctors and high class facilities.
  • Please take time to view the facilities and successes for your specialization.

Get the Quote:

  • Share your Medical history and  reports
  • Our team will give you the best quote and treatment of plan adviced by Doctor

Apply Visa:

Select a Date:

  • Upon confirming your treatment with us, we provide you with a Appointment Letter.
  • You would need to confirm us your date and time of arrival in India for advance booking of a reputed Guest House, or a Hotel.
  • Our team will be helping you to fill International Insurance*.

Arrival and Standard process flow:

  • Our team will arrange cab facilities to pick you from airport and drop in Hotel / Hospital.
  • Please make sure these Important Documents are carried out:
  1. Passport Size Photo
  2. Old Medical Reports
  3. Copy of Quotation and treatment plan
  4. Appointment Letter
  5. Identity Proof (Patient and Co-Traveler)
  6. Registration will be done at our hospital

Consultation and Treatment:

  • After Registration, An complete check up will done to review your health condition
  • After several appointments and tests, the doctor will suggest you what type of surgery or treatment is appropriate for you
  • To make you feel better our Nurse and supporting staff will be visiting you frequently

Discharge & Departure:

  • After Surgery or Treatment, Patient will be monitored for several weeks.
  • Once our Doctor gives final report about your health condition you will be discharged or asked to fly back to your country.
  • Post-procedure follow-up will be done via e-mail/phone/video conferencing with our doctor.

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